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Introduction: How to use

RunAsUser DLL package includes the following files:

    runasuser.h - C/C++ header file - Delphi include file
  runasuserx32a.dll - ANSI DLL
  runasuserx32a.lib - ANSI LIB
  runasuserx32w.dll - UNICODE DLL
  runasuserx32w.lib - UNICODE LIB
  runasuserx64a.dll - ANSI DLL
  runasuserx64a.lib - ANSI LIB
  runasuserx64w.dll - UNICODE DLL
  runasuserx64w.lib - UNICODE LIB
runasuser.pdf - software documentation
runasuser.url - URL to the webpage
files.txt - list of files
license.txt - license agreement
readme.txt - readme file
register.txt - registration information
        vc6\ - Microsoft Visual C++ 6 GUI sample
        vc9\ - Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 GUI sample
        vb9\ - Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 GUI sample
        cs9\ - Microsoft C Sharp 2008 GUI sample
        delphi\ - Delphi 6 GUI sample
        vc6\ - Microsoft Visual C++ 6 console sample
        vc9\ - Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 console sample
        vb9\ - Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 console sample
        cs9\ - Microsoft C Sharp 2008 console sample
        delphi\ - Delphi 6 console sample

To use any functions from RunAsUser DLL you need to link your application with one of the following files:
runasuserx32a.dll - 32-bit ASCII DLL;
runasuserx32w.dll - 32-bit UNICODE DLL;
runasuserx64a.dll - 64-bit ASCII DLL;
runasuserx64w.dll - 64-bit UNICODE DLL.

RunAsUser DLL Library has three main functions.

RunAsUser_Initialize() - Initializes the library. This function should be called prior to using other functions.

RunAsUser_CommandLine() - Checks the command line and performs all the internal operations connected with it. It should be called when you start the program that uses RunAsUser DLL. If the function carries out internal operations then the program that called the function should be immediately stopped with the exit code returned by this function.

RunAsUser_CreateProcess() - Main function that is actually start process as user.

All these functions are declared in the runasuser.h file. The library also exports many additional functions that can be used in the program (they do not influence the work of the library, we just made some of the internal functions available).

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Current Version: 1.08
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Computer: Minimum required by operating system you are running.
Disk Space: Under 4 MB
Operating System: RunAsUser DLL requires a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 / 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Server 2008 / Vista / 7 / Server 2012 / 8 Desktop 32 or 64-bit operating system.